CMOS(Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) A type of integrated circuit design known for its low power consumption. 0Ch - RTCsee Real-Time Clock - STATUS REGISTER C (Read only)

Bitfields for Real-Time ClockA battery-powered clock which continues to maintain its time even while the system is powered down.  On PCs, the real-time clock contains a small amount of battery-powered memory (set CMOS RAM). status register C:
Bit(s)	Description	(Table C0003)
 7	Interrupt request flag
	=1 when any or all of bits 6-4 are 1 and appropriate enables
	  (Register B) are set to 1. Generates IRQ(Interrupt ReQuest) A hardware line connected to the interrupt controller chip which signals that a CPU interrupt should be generated. 8 when triggered.
 6	Periodic Interrupt flag
 5	Alarm Interrupt flag 
 4	Update-Ended Interrupt Flag
 3-0	unused
SeeAlso: #C0001,#C0002,#C0004