CALL xxxxh:xxxxh - BIOS(Basic Input/Output System) A set of standardized calls giving low-level access to the hardware.  The BIOS is the lowest software layer above the actual hardware and serves to insulate programs (and operating systems) which use it from the details of accessing the hardware directly. BootTo start up the computer or operating system. The term "boot" is a contraction of "bootstrap", which in turn comes from the expression "to lift oneself by one's boot straps."  The ROM BIOS on IBMInternational Busiuness Machines PCs and compatibles reads in the first sector of the disk, which contains a short (less than 500 bytes) program that reads in a portion of the operating system, which in turn reads in the remainder of the operating system.  See also IPL. Specification (BBS)
InstallCheck:	perform Plug-and-Play installation check, then call PnP
	  function 60h
SeeAlso: @xxxxh:xxxxh"Plug-and-Play"