INT 21 - DoubleDOS - SET/RESET KEYBOARD CONTROL FLAGS                           
	AH = F8h
	AL = program for which to set flags
	    00h this program
	    01h other program
	DX = keyboard control flags (see #02088 at AH=E8h"DoubleDOS")
Return: DX = previous flags
Notes:	disabling Ctrl-PrtSc will allow the program to intercept the keystroke;
	  disabling any of the other keystrokes disables them completely
	this function is identical to AH=E8h
SeeAlso: AH=E8h"DoubleDOS",AH=F1h"DoubleDOS",AH=F2h"DoubleDOS"
SeeAlso: AH=F3h"DoubleDOS"