INT 64 - Adaptec controllers - DRIVE 1 DATA                                     
Desc:	this vector stores the first four bytes of the parameter table for
	  hard disk 1
Notes:	these vectors are used by the following Adaptec controllers:
	    ACB 2370 A/B/C, ACB 2372 A/B/C, ACB 2333 A/B, 2322B-8, 2322B-16
	these vectors are NOT used by the following Adaptec controllers:
	    ACB 2310, ACB 2312, ACB 2320D, ACB 2322D
SeeAlso: INT 60"Adaptec",INT 65"Adaptec",INT 66"Adaptec",INT 67"Adaptec"

INT 64 - Pdisk by Scott Garfinkle - Overwritten for Hard Drive information      
Note:	This vector is overwritten by Pdisk to install custom harddrive types.
	  It can either destroy 4 vectors and take no memory or TSR(Terminate and Stay Resident) A program which remains in memory after terminating in order to provide services to other programs or the user.  The name comes from the name of the DOS function call used to remain in memory after termination. and take
	  up some memory.
SeeAlso: INT 65"Pdisk"