INT 21 - DR DOS 3.41+ internal - SET ACCESS RIGHTS AND PASSWORD                 
	AX = 4303h
	CX = access rights
	     bits 11-0: access rights (see #01421)
	     bit 15: new password is to be set
	DS:DX -> ASCIZA NUL-terminated ASCII string.	The ASCIZ string "ABC" consists of the four bytes 41h, 42h, 43h, and 00h.  Unless otherwise specified, maximum lengths given in the interrupt list do not include the terminating NUL. pathname
	[DTAsee Disk Transfer Address] = new password if CX bit 15 is set (blank-padded to 8 characters)
Return: CF clear if successful
	CF set on error
	    AX = error code
Notes:	if the file is already protected, the old password must be added after
	  the pathname, separated by a ";".  As with all password handling in
	  DR DOS, the old password is processed by the kernel, not any
	  applications or utilities making the call.
	this function is documented in DR DOS 6.0 and corresponds to the
	  "Get/Set File Attributes" function, subfunction 3, documented in
	  Concurrent DOS.
SeeAlso: AH=0Fh,AH=17h,AX=4302h"DR DOS",AX=4305h,AX=4454h