INT 2C - STARLITE architecture - KERNEL API(Application Program[ming] Interface) The defined set of calls which a program may make to interact with or request services of the operating system or environment under which it is running.  Because the inputs and outputs of the calls are well-defined, a program using the API can continue using the identical calls even if the internal organization of the program providing the API changes.
Note:	STARLITE is an architecture by General Software for a series of MS-DOS
	  compatible operating systems (OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) a company which purchases components that are resold as part of its own products under the company's own brand name, e.g. a Gateway 2000-branded monitor may actually be a Mag or NEC monitor. DOS, NETWORK DOS, and SMP DOS) to
	  be released in 1991.	The interrupt number is subject to change
	  before the actual release.