INT 2F U - DR DOS 5.0 - FIXUP SHARE STUB TABLE???                               
	AX = 10FFh
	ES:BX -> new SHARE stub table to use???
Return: DS destroyed???
Notes:	Sets a pointer in the kernel. ES:BX points to a structure in SHARE's
	  segment, which presumeably contains a number (4 or 11???) of entries
	  of 5 bytes each and is probably part of some kind of share stub
	  dispatcher that gets fixed up by this call.
	This was seen called by DR DOS 5.0 SHARE 1.00 (when INT 2F/AX=1000h
	  revealed that SHARE was not installed) before it hooked INT 2Fh
	  via INT 21/AH=35h to provide its install check function. It preserved
	  the DS register before calling.
	However, the DR DOS 6.0+ SHARE 1.02+ uses INT 2F/AX=1001h to hook
	  into the OS, DR PalmDOS SHARE 2.00 directly fixes up the share stubs
	  in table !!! at INT 21h/52h, and Novell DOS 7 - DR-DOS 7.03
	  SHARE 2.01-2.05 maintains the private set of share stubs in
	  Table !!! at INT 21/AX=4458h).
	This function was probably used between 1990/02/09 and 1991/03/15.
SeeAlso: INT 2F/AX=1001h