INT 2F U - DR DOS 6.0+ IBMBIO.COM - QUERY SIZE OF THE BDOS                      
	AX = 12FFh
	BX = 0000h
Return: AX = 0000h if supported
	DX = size of the BDOS in paragraphs
	Flags trashed
	ES,CL destroyed (DR PalmDOS)
Note:	This API(Application Program[ming] Interface) The defined set of calls which a program may make to interact with or request services of the operating system or environment under which it is running.  Because the inputs and outputs of the calls are well-defined, a program using the API can continue using the identical calls even if the internal organization of the program providing the API changes. is provided by IBMBIO.COM for the initialization phase
	  of drivers loaded via DEVICE=/HIDEVICE=/DEVICEHIGH= directives and
	  is only available during these short time intervals.  It is called
	  by DR DOS 6.0 EMM386.SYS and Novell DOS 7+ EMM386.EXE to query the
	  size of the BDOS kernel (the resident code of IBMDOS.COM).
SeeAlso: AX=12FFh/BX=0001h,AX=12FFh/BX=0002h