INT E6 - Linux DOSEMU - INSTALLATION CHECK                                      
	AH = 00h
Return: AX = AA55h if installed
	    BH = major version number
	    BL = minor version number
	    CX = patchlevel
Notes:	check for the BIOS(Basic Input/Output System) A set of standardized calls giving low-level access to the hardware.  The BIOS is the lowest software layer above the actual hardware and serves to insulate programs (and operating systems) which use it from the details of accessing the hardware directly. date string "02/25/93" at F000:FFF5 before
	  calling this function.  In addition, the segment address of this
	  vector should be F000h (for existing versions of DOSemu, the
	  vector is F000h:0E60h)
SeeAlso: AH=FFh