INT 2F - MS Windows 3+ - GET CURRENT VIRTUAL MACHINE ID                         
	AX = 1683h
Return: BX = current virtual machine (VMsee Virtual Machine) ID
Notes:	Windows itself currently runs in VMsee Virtual Machine 1, but this can't be relied upon
	VMsee Virtual Machine IDs are reused when VMs are destroyed
	an ID of 0 will never be returned
SeeAlso: AX=1684h"DEVICE API(Application Program[ming] Interface) The defined set of calls which a program may make to interact with or request services of the operating system or environment under which it is running.  Because the inputs and outputs of the calls are well-defined, a program using the API can continue using the identical calls even if the internal organization of the program providing the API changes.",AX=1685h,AX=168Bh