MEM 0040h:0070h - TIMER OVERFLOW                                                
Size:	BYTE
Desc:	non-zero if timer has counted past midnight since last call to
	  INT 1A/AH=00h
Note:	the original IBMInternational Busiuness MachinesInternational Busiuness Machines) A hardware, software and other service technology company founded in 1911. BIOS(Basic Input/Output System) A set of standardized calls giving low-level access to the hardware.  The BIOS is the lowest software layer above the actual hardware and serves to insulate programs (and operating systems) which use it from the details of accessing the hardware directly., and thus most other BIOSes, sets this byte to
	  01h at midnight; a few (such as the Eagle PC-2) increment it each
	  time midnight is passed.  The former behavior results in lost days
	  if multiple midnights pass between "get-time" calls while the machine
	  is powered up.
SeeAlso: MEM 0040h:006Ch,INT 1A/AH=00h