RBIL61 - Trademarks

To keep the lawyers happy:

ArtiCom® is a registered trademark Artisoft, Inc.
ASAP™ is a trademark MicroTalk.
Banyan® is a registered trademark Banyan Systems, Inc.
Compaq® is a registered trademark Compaq Computer Corp.
Corona™ and Cordata™ are trademarks Cordata Computer
DESQview™, DESQview/X™, QEMM-386™,™ and QRAM™ are trademarks Quarterdeck Office Systems
HALO'88™ is a trademark Media Cybernetics.
Hayes™ is a trademark Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc.
IBM™, PC™, PCjr™, PC/XT™, PC/AT™, XT/286™, PS/2™, TopView™, OS/2™ are trademarks IBM Corp.
Logitech™ is a trademark Logitech, Inc.
Microsoft®, MS®, MS DOS®, Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Windows NT®, Microsoft Windows 95®, Windows 98®, Windows 2000® are trademarks/registered trademarks Microsoft Corp.
Mouse Systems™ is a trademark Mouse Systems Corp.
NetWare® is a registered trademark Novell Development Corp.
PC Tools™ is a trademark Central Point Software, Inc.
StreetTalk™, VINES™,™ and Banyan Network Server™ are trademarks Banyan Systems, Inc.
Tandy 1000® is a registered trademark Tandy Corp.
TaskView™ and OmniView™ are trademarks Sunny Hill Software
10NET® is a registered trademark Tiara Computer Systems, Inc.
TesSeRact™ is a trademark the TesSeRact Development Team.
Turbo C® and Turbo Pascal® are registered trademarks Borland International
286/DOS-Extender™ and 386/DOS-Extender™ are trademarks Phar Lap Software, Inc.
Carbon Copy Plus™ is a trademark Meridian Technology, Inc.
GIF™ is a trademark Compuserve, Inc.
VUIMAGE™ is a trademark Offe Enterprises.
Soft-ICE™ is a trademark Nu-Mega Technologies.
MAGic™ is a trademark Microsystems Software, Inc.
LANtastic™ is a trademark Artisoft, Inc.
HRAM™ is a trademark Biologic.
ImageCapture™ is a trademark International Computers.
FlashTek™, X-32™,™ and X-32VM™ are trademarks FlashTek, Inc.
SK-UPPS™ is a trademark Schneider & Koch GmbH
SK-PASSPORT™ is a trademark SysKonnect, Inc.
PostScript™ is a trademark Adobe, Inc.
SpaceManager™ is a trademark Vertisoft Systems, Inc.
Husky™, Hunter™, Hunter 16™, Hawk™, 8/16™, Sidebox™ and Oracle GT™ are trademarks Husky Computers Limited.
COMM-DRV™ is a trademark Willies' Computer Software Company.
OpenDOS™, DR-OpenDOS™,™ and DR-DOS™ are trademarks Lineo, Inc.
DR DOS™ was a trademark Digital Research, Inc.

Various other names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders, and are used solely for identification