RBIL61 - Browse Interrupt 0x12
INT 12 - CPU-generated (Pentium +) - MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION INT 12 - BIOS(Basic Input/Output System) A set of standardized calls giving low-level access to the hardware. The BIOS is the lowest software layer above the actual hardware and serves to insulate programs (and operating systems) which use it from the details of accessing the hardware directly. - GET MEMORY SIZE INT 12 - Borland C++ IDE(Integrated Drive Electronics) A type of disk drive interface which essentially extends the PCIBM PC's expansion bus all the way to the drive and places the drive controller on the disk drive itself. See also ESDI. - INSTALLATION CHECK {undocumentedInformation about a product which is not publicly available from the manufacturer, and must be determined by reverse-engineering (disassembly, trial-and-error, etc.). Undocumented information tends to change -- often dramatically -- between successive revisions of a product, since the manufacturer has no obligation to maintain compatibility in behavior which is not explicitly stated.} (AX=05D7h/BX=05D7h) INT 12 - CPI-standard virusA program which attaches itself to other programs for the purpose of duplicating itself. Viruses often (but not always) contain harmful code which is triggered by some event, after a certain number of reproductions, or on a specific date. See also worm. - "FRIEND" CHECK {callout or callback} (AX=4350h/BX=4920h/CX=AB46h/DX=554Eh) INT 12 - KEYBUI v2.0+ - INSTALLATION CHECK (CX=1806h) INT 12 - PARKER v2.0+ - INSTALLATION CHECK (CX=1807h) INT 12 - Back&Forth v1.62+ - API(Application Program[ming] Interface) The defined set of calls which a program may make to interact with or request services of the operating system or environment under which it is running. Because the inputs and outputs of the calls are well-defined, a program using the API can continue using the identical calls even if the internal organization of the program providing the API changes. (AX=FFFEh/CX=FFFEh)