RBIL61 - Browse Interrupt 0x54
INT 54 - Tandy 2000 - LINE PRINTER INT 54 - TI Professional PCIBM PC - ACTIVATE TASK SUBROUTINE INT 54 - IRQ4 relocated by IBMInternational Busiuness MachinesInternational Busiuness Machines) A hardware, software and other service technology company founded in 1911. 3278 emulation control program, OS/2 v1.x INT 54 - IRQ4 relocated by DESQview INT 54 - Toshiba PCMCIA2 - INSTALLATION CHECK {undocumentedInformation about a product which is not publicly available from the manufacturer, and must be determined by reverse-engineering (disassembly, trial-and-error, etc.). Undocumented information tends to change -- often dramatically -- between successive revisions of a product, since the manufacturer has no obligation to maintain compatibility in behavior which is not explicitly stated.} (AX=5400h)