RBIL61 - Browse Interrupt 0xEF
INT EF - BASIC(Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) A programming language originally designed as a means of teaching FORTRAN. There are many variations of BASIC with differing capabilities; the majority are interpreted but compiled BASIC is becoming more popular. All genuine IBMInternational Busiuness Machines personal computers (including the latest PS/2IBM PS/2, any model models) come equipped with a cassette-based BASIC interpreter in ROM. - ORIGINAL INT 09 VECTOR INT EF - GEM - AES INTERFACE (CX=00C8h/DX=0000h) INT EF - GEM - AES INTERFACE (CX=00C9h/DX=0000h) INT EF - GEM - VDI INTERFACE (CX=0473h)