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Date Entered2020-01-19
Descriptiona free, multiplatform console-mode gopher client (16-bit)
SummaryGopherus is a free, multiplatform, console-mode gopher client available for DOS, Linux and Windows. It provides a classic text interface to the gopherspace. Altough primarily targeted for DOS, ports to Windows and Linux are also available. These use SDL2 to emulate a pseudo terminal. (16-bit version)
What's New[new] bookmarks ("b" key), UTF-8 support, IPv6 support (except on the DOS target), full terminal width used now (no longer limited to 80 columns), all files from current folder can be downloaded by pressing F10 and much more
Keywordsgopher net network
AuthorMateusz Viste
Maintained byMateusz Viste
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Copying policySimplified (2-Clause) BSD License
SHA256c067d95236975bcc12d0c0f9d60a60976fe8864384ddc18af71af468e6047686 (2.0M)
Alternate VersionsView Gopherus - 1.2a, Download (2.0M)
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View Gopherus - 1.0c, Download (2.2M)