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TitleOrange C
Date Entered2020-05-17
DescriptionThe Orange Toolchain is designed for DOS/WIN32. It uses win32 binaries along with Japheth's WIN32 emulator for DOS to get the MSDOS functionality.
SummaryThe Orange C/C++ Compiler is new work which includes an optimizing compiler, a tool chain, and an IDE. The compiler itself uses various standard techniques, as well as some interesting techniques mentioned in literature. This compiler has support for the various C standards through C11, and full support for C++ 14. The IDE for the compiler is a full featured C/C++ language IDE including a colorizing editor with code completion, integrated make facility, debugger, and a WIN32 resource editor. The tool chain is highly generic and the possibility exists to customize it for embedded platforms (or for that matter for example for other operating systems) using various linker customization files along with backend code generation programs. The existing backend code generation programs support WIN32 and MSDOS executable formats, along with a backend generator that will output Intel and Motorola hex files. The assembler uses a simple architecture description language to customize the code generation. The C Run time library this compiler uses is an enhancement of the RTL used by CC386. The Run time library in this package has WIN32 headers and an import library, many windows programs will compile with it although there are a few incompatibilities.
Keywordsdevelop, c
AuthorDavid Lindauer
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Copying policyGNU General Public License, Version 3
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