Package find in group FreeDOS Base
Version3.0b LFN
Date Entered2019-07-03
DescriptionDisplay all lines in one or more files that contain a given string. Inverse and case-insensitive search possible as well.
What's NewVersion 3.0 had a bug where FIND would access the A: drive for no reason. Thanks to Tom Ehlert, this bug has been fixed.
Keywordsfreedos, find, grep
AuthorJim Hall <jhall -at->
Primary siteGitLab -- FDOS/base/find
WikiFreeDOS Wiki -- Find
PlatformsDOS (e.g. Borland C, Turbo C), includes own KITTEN library version
Copying policyGNU General Public License, Version 2
GroupFreeDOS Base
SHA256765330c770d96bb8eb68fe175a8c863f6a8456db2bb7e345b146cb61ec4ebde8 (102K)
Alternate VersionsView find - 3.0a LFN (24 Sep 2007), Download 3_0alfn(24sep2007).zip (118K)
View find - 3.0 (22 Sep 2007), Download 3_0(22sep2007).zip (100K)
View find - 2.9 (01 Nov2003), Download 2_9(01nov2003).zip (14K)