CMOS(Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) A type of integrated circuit design known for its low power consumption. 10h - IBMInternational Busiuness MachinesInternational Busiuness Machines) A hardware, software and other service technology company founded in 1911. - FLOPPY DRIVE TYPE
Note:	a PCIBM PC having a 5 1/4 1.2 Mb A: drive and a 1.44 Mb B: drive will
	  have a value of 24h in byte 10h. With a single 1.44 drive: 40h.

Bitfields for floppy drives A/B types:
Bit(s)	Description	(Table C0007)
 7-4	first floppy disk drive type (see #C0008)
 3-0	second floppy disk drive type (see #C0008)

(Table C0008)
Values for floppy drive type:
 00h	no drive
 01h	360 KB 5.25 Drive
 02h	1.2 MB 5.25 Drive - note: not listed in PS/2IBM PS/2, any model technical manual
 03h	720 KB 3.5 Drive
 04h	1.44 MB 3.5 Drive
 05h	2.88 MB 3.5 drive
 06h-0Fh unused
SeeAlso: #C0007