RBIL61 - Contact Information
If you know of any information not in the list, or which is stated incorrectly,
please let me know!  This list would be a pale shadow of its current self if it
weren't for everybody's input.

Software developers are encouraged to check the list before assigning 
interrupts, and to provide me with a list of interrupt calls used (to help
prevent future interrupt conflicts).

	Ralf Brown

Address e-mail to:
	 (currently forwards to )

Snail mail:
	Ralf Brown
	815 Copeland Way, PMB 26
	Pittsburgh, PA 15232
	   (Letters which enclose a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope [or self-
	    addressed envelope and international return coupon] or e-mail
	    address will be given priority.  This address will remain valid
	    until at least November 1, 2001.)

Visit my home page!	http://www.pobox.com/~ralf

I reply to all e-mail submissions.  If you do not receive a reply within
a reasonable time, send your message again, giving a better return path
(a surprising number of mailers do not insert a correct From: address!)