INT 22 - DOS 1+ - PROGRAM TERMINATION ADDRESS                                   
Desc:	this vector specifies the address of the routine which is to be given
	  control after a program is terminated; it should never be called
	  directly, since it does not point at an interrupt handler
Notes:	this vector is restored from the DWORDDoubleword; four bytes.	 Commonly used to hold a 32-bit segment:offset or selector:offset address. at offset 0Ah in the PSPsee Program Segment Prefix during
	  termination, and then a FAR JMP is performed to the address in INT 22
	normally points at the instruction immediately following INT 21/AH=4Bh
	  call which loaded the current program
SeeAlso: INT 20,INT 21/AH=00h,INT 21/AH=31h,INT 21/AH=4Ch