INT 0D C - IRQ5 - FIXED DISK (PCIBM PC,XTIBM PC XT), LPT2 (ATIBM PC AT), reserved (PS/2IBM PS/2, any model)
Notes:	under DESQview, only the INT 15h vector and BASIC(Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) A programming language originally designed as a means of teaching FORTRAN.  There are many variations of BASIC with differing capabilities; the majority are interpreted but compiled BASIC is becoming more popular.	All genuine IBMInternational Busiuness Machines personal computers (including the latest PS/2IBM PS/2, any model models) come equipped with a cassette-based BASIC interpreter in ROM. segment address (the
	  word at 0000h:0510h) may be assumed to be valid for the handler's
	DOS 3.3+ revectors IRQ5 to a stack-switching routine unless STACKS=0
	  has been set in CONFIG.SYS.  MS/PC-DOS use the IBMInternational Busiuness MachinesInternational Busiuness Machines) A hardware, software and other service technology company founded in 1911. Interrupt Sharing
	  Protocol (see #02568) when hooking this IRQ(Interrupt ReQuest) A hardware line connected to the interrupt controller chip which signals that a CPU interrupt should be generated.
	the Tandy 1000, 1000A, and 1000HD use IRQ2 for the hard disk; the
	  1000EX, HX, RLX, RLX-HD, RLX-B, RLX-HD-B use IRQ5 instead; the
	  1000RL, RL-HD, SL, SL/2, TL, TL/2, and TL/3 are jumper-selectable
	  for either IRQ2 or IRQ5 (default IRQ5); the 1000SX and TX are
	  DIP-switch selectable for IRQ2 or IRQ5 (default IRQ2); the RSX and
	  RSX-HD use IRQ14.  Tandy systems which use IRQ2 for the hard disk
	  interrupt use IRQ5 for vertical retrace.
	may be masked by setting bit 5 on I/O port 21h
SeeAlso: INT 0E"IRQ6",INT 0F"IRQ7",INT 55"DESQview",INT 5D"DoubleDOS"
SeeAlso: INT 7D"GO32"

INT 0D C - IRQ5 - Tandy 1000 60 Hz RAM(Random Access Memory)	See also DRAM, SRAM. REFRESH
Desc:	used to ensure that the dynamic RAM(Random Access Memory)	See also DRAM, SRAM. retains its contents in earlier
	  1000-series models; later models use normal DMAsee Direct Memory Access for RAM(Random Access Memory)	See also DRAM, SRAM. refresh
	  (some early models have no DMAsee Direct Memory Access unless it is added via an expansion
SeeAlso: INT 55