INT 21 U - OS/2 v2.0 - "DosOpen2"      
	AX = 6C01h
	BL = open mode as in AL for normal open (see also AH=3Dh)
	    bit 7: inheritance
	    bits 4-6: sharing mode
	    bit 3 reserved
	    bits 0-2: access mode
	BH = flags
	    bit 6 = auto commit on every write (see also AH=68h)
	    bit 5 = return error rather than doing INT 24h
	CX = create attribute (see #01769)
	DL = action if file exists/does not exist (see #01770)
	DH = 00h (reserved)
	DS:SI -> ASCIZA NUL-terminated ASCII string.	The ASCIZ string "ABC" consists of the four bytes 41h, 42h, 43h, and 00h.  Unless otherwise specified, maximum lengths given in the interrupt list do not include the terminating NUL. file name
	ES:DI -> EAOP structure
Return: CF set on error
	   AX = error code (see #01680 at AH=59h/BX=0000h)
	CF clear if successful
	   AX = file handle
	   CX = status (see #01768)
Note:	this function is virtually identical to AX=6C00h, but supports OS/2's
	  extended attributes
SeeAlso: AX=5704h,AX=6C00h,AH=6Fh"OS/2"