INT 21 U - OS/2 v1.x FAPI - "DosMkDir2"
	AH = 6Dh
Return: ???
Desc:	create a new directory, with extended attribute information
Note:	also supported by OS/2 v2.0+ Virtual DOS Machines
BUG:	does not work under OS/2 v2.0 because MVDM does not translate the
	  real-mode segment pointer in the Extended Attribute structure
	  (see #01673) into a protected-mode selector; use AH=39h followed by
	  AX=5703h instead
SeeAlso: AH=39h,AX=5702h"OS/2",AX=5703h"OS/2"

INT 21 U - Novell DOS 7 - NOP                                                   
	AH = 6Dh
Return: AX = 0000h
Note:	this function invokes the same code as other NOP functions such as
	  AH=18h and AH=61h