INT D4 - PC-MOS/386 v3.0+ - GET SYSTEM CONTROL BLOCK POINTER                    
	AH = 02h
Return: AX = 0000h
	ES:BX -> System Control Block in V86see Virtual-86 Mode mode (see #04004)
	ES:EBX -> System Control Block in native mode (see #04004)
Note:	superseded by AH=26h
SeeAlso: AH=04h,AH=10h,AH=26h,AH=28h,AH=29h,AH=2Ah,INT 21/AX=3000h,INT 38

Format of PC-MOS/386 System Control Block:
Offset	Size	Description	(Table 04004)
 00h	WORD	pointer to first TCB in chain
 02h 17 BYTEs	reserved
 13h	WORD	pointer to current task's TCB
 15h	WORD	pointer to TCB of visible (console) task