CL = 40h
	DS:DX -> LPB (see #04025)
Return: AX = status (0000h,00FFh,07FFh,0DFFh,0EFFh,FFFFh) (see #04030)
	may destroy SI,DI,DS???
SeeAlso: INT E0/CL=41h

Format of REAL/32 Logon/Logoff Parameter Block:
Offset	Size	Description	(Table 04025)
 00h	BYTE	node ID
 01h  8 BYTEs	password for server access
 09h	DWORDDoubleword; four bytes.	 Commonly used to hold a 32-bit segment:offset or selector:offset address.	-> process descriptor of process to be logged on (see #04026)

Format of REAL/32 Process Descriptor:
Offset	Size	Description	(Table 04026)
 00h	WORD	offset of next entry in current descriptor list
 02h	WORD	offset of thread list
 04h	BYTE	current processor status (see #04027)
 05h	BYTE	priority
 06h	WORD	runtime flags (see #04028)
 08h  8 BYTEs	process name
 10h	WORD	segment of User Data Area (UDA) (256 or 352 bytes)
 12h	BYTE	current default disk drive
 13h	BYTE	drive from which process was loaded
 14h	WORD	reserved (0)
 16h	WORD	offset of memory descriptor list for memory owned by process
 18h  6 BYTEs	reserved
 1Eh	WORD	offset of process descriptor for parent process
		0000h if parent has already terminated
 20h	BYTE	number of default console
 21h	BYTE	number of default AUX device
 22h  2 BYTEs	reserved
 24h	BYTE	number of default list device
 25h	BYTE	reserved
 26h	WORD	flags (see #04029)
 28h 12 BYTEs	reserved
 34h	WORD	offset of memory page allocation root
 36h 22 BYTEs	reserved
Note:	At least offset 10h (UDA) is also supported by MDOS 5.00, 5.01, 5.10,
	  as the DR DOS MEM utility retrieves this UDA segment through
	  INT E0/CL=9Ah when INT 21/AX=4451h returns 1463h, 1465h, or 1466h.
SeeAlso: #04025

(Table 04027)
Values for REAL/32 processor status:
 00h	process is ready to run
 01h	process is polling a device
 02h	delaying for a number of ticks
 03h	in swap list
 04h	terminating
 05h	asleep
 06h	waiting to read a message from a queue
 07h	waiting to write a message
 08h	waiting on system flag or semaphore
 09h	waiting to attach to an I/O device
 0Ah	waiting on sync block
 0Bh	waiting for system flag or semaphore with timeout
 0Ch	forced dispatch
SeeAlso: #04026

Bitfields for REAL/32 process flags:
Bit(s)	Description	(Table 04028)
 0	system process
 1	do not terminate
 2	special rsp process
 3	from process descriptor table
 14-4	unused???
 15	uses math coprocessor
SeeAlso: #04026,#04029

Bitfields for REAL/32 secondary flags:
Bit(s)	Description	(Table 04029)
 0	suspend when in background
 1	???
 2	in foreground
 3	enable APPEND processing on file opens
 4	Ctrl-C was typed
 5	Ctrl-C will reset disk system
 6	OK to read locked record
 7	???
 8	do not perform banking
SeeAlso: #04026,#04028

(Table 04030)
Values for REAL/32 "N_LOGON" status:
 0000h	successful
 00FFh	server could not create shadow process
 07FFh	incorrect password
 0CFFh	not logged into specified server
 0DFFh	process already logged onto 16 servers,
	LPB process not attached to network
 0EFFh	physical transmission prevented message or response from getting thru
	network error during logoff
 FFFFh	calling process not attached to network