INT E0 - ConcCP/MConcurrent CP/M by Digital Research, now DR Multiuser DOS,DR Multiuser DOS - "Q_MAKE" - CREATE MESSAGE QUEUE
	CL = 86h
	DS:DX -> queue descriptor (see #04042)
Return: AX = status (0000h success, FFFFh failure)
	CX = error code (see #04021)
Note:	also supported by REAL/32
SeeAlso: INT E0/CL=87h

Format of DR Multiuser DOS queue descriptor:
Offset	Size	Description	(Table 04042)
 00h  2 WORDs	internal use, initialize to zeros
 04h	WORD	queue flags (see #04043)
 06h  8 BYTEs	queue name
 0Eh	WORD	length of message
 10h	WORD	number of messages
 12h  4 WORDs	internal use, initialize to zeros
 1Ah	WORD	offset in system area of buffer for messages

Bitfields for REAL/32 queue flags:
Bit(s)	Description	(Table 04043)
 0	mutual exclusion queue
 1	can not be deleted
 2	restricted to system processes
 3	RSP message queue
 4	reserved for internal use
 5	RPL address queue
 7-6	reserved for internal use
 15-8	reserved for future use
SeeAlso: #04042