INT 3F - Overlay manager interrupt (Microsoft LINK.EXE, Borland TLINK VROOMM)
Notes:	INT 3F is the default, and may be overridden while linking
	this vector is modified but not restored by Direct Access v4.0, and
	  may be left dangling by other programs written with the same version
	  of compiled BASIC(Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) A programming language originally designed as a means of teaching FORTRAN.  There are many variations of BASIC with differing capabilities; the majority are interpreted but compiled BASIC is becoming more popular.	All genuine IBMInternational Busiuness Machines personal computers (including the latest PS/2IBM PS/2, any model models) come equipped with a cassette-based BASIC interpreter in ROM.

INT 3F - Microsoft Dynamic Link LibraryA collection of subroutines which are linked with a program at the time it is loaded into memory rather than permanently placed in the executable.  This has the advantage of allowing a single copy of the subroutine library to reside on disk or in memory even when it is used by many programs.  It also permits all programs using the DLL to be updated without recompiling simply by installing a new version of the library. manager
SeeAlso: INT 21/AH=4Bh