RBIL61 - Volunteers Needed


I haven't been managing any transcriptions for a while due to lack of
time, but I hope to restart the process this fall.  Once I'm ready to
go, I'll contact everyone who has volunteered in the past.


If you've always wanted to show your appreciation of the interrupt
list, but never had anything to contribute before, here's your chance!
I continue to have a need for volunteers to transcribe and condense the
information in various on-line documents into a suitable form for
inclusion in the list.  A good job of transcription can save me 90% of
the effort it would otherwise take me, which means that I can get far
more information into the list -- and that helps everyone.

If you're interested in transcribing one or more documents, send me
mail and I'll provide you with the URL and a brief style guide.  Let me
know whether you're willing to work on a large document or only a
small(ish) one.  As an added incentive, those who contribute at least
120K of additions (roughly equivalent to the info from four motherboard
chipsets; figure around 50 hours of effort) get a free autographed
copy of one of my books.