RBIL61 - Browse Interrupt 0x7D
INT 7D - IBMInternational Busiuness MachinesInternational Busiuness Machines) A hardware, software and other service technology company founded in 1911. DOS 6.1 E.EXE - ??? INT 7D - HyperPAD v2.2 - API(Application Program[ming] Interface) The defined set of calls which a program may make to interact with or request services of the operating system or environment under which it is running. Because the inputs and outputs of the calls are well-defined, a program using the API can continue using the identical calls even if the internal organization of the program providing the API changes. ACCESS INT 7D - DJGPP GO32.EXE DOS EXTENDER - RELOCATED IRQ5 INT 7D - YTERM 1.4 - CLOCK SUPPORT {undocumentedInformation about a product which is not publicly available from the manufacturer, and must be determined by reverse-engineering (disassembly, trial-and-error, etc.). Undocumented information tends to change -- often dramatically -- between successive revisions of a product, since the manufacturer has no obligation to maintain compatibility in behavior which is not explicitly stated.} INT 7D - [obsoleted proposal] - ALTERNATE MULTIPLEX INTERRUPT {obsolete} INT 7D - SCSILink - RESET SCSI(Small Computer Systems Interface) A system-independent expansion bus typically used to connect hard disks, tape drives, and CD-ROMs to a computer. A host adapter connects the SCSI bus to the computer's own bus. See also ESDI, IDE. BUS (AH=00h) INT 7D - SCSILink - CONNECT TO TARGET (AH=01h) INT 7D - SCSILink - SEND COMMAND (AH=02h) INT 7D - SCSILink - SET TIMEOUT (AH=03h) INT 7D - SCSILink - GET ERROR STRING (AH=04h) INT 7D - SCSILink - GET ADDRESS (AH=05h) INT 7D - SCSILink - PUT DATA (AH=06h) INT 7D - SCSILink - GET DATA (AH=07h) INT 7D - SCSILink - TERMINATE SESSION (AH=08h) INT 7D - SCSILink - POLL REQUEST (AH=09h)