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Parent Directory 3:04am07/14/2024directory
pkg-html 2:46am07/14/2024directoryBrowsable HTML index of the repository.
obsolete 3:53am02/20/2022directoryBase programs that have been replaced by other core programs.
net 11:01am05/30/2024directoryUtilities that support networks and connectivity.
pkg-info 8:00am07/13/2024directoryRepository package metadata as text files.
sound 11:00am11/21/2023directoryPrograms that play music and sound files.
util 2:13pm07/03/2024directoryTools and other useful programs that you might like to use.
unix 10:00am03/25/2024directoryUtilities similar to their Unix and Linux counterparts.
gui 3:53am02/20/2022directoryGraphical Desktop Environments and User Interfaces.
games 12:00pm06/06/2024directoryFun games that you can play.
boot 3:54am02/20/2022directoryUtilities to help you boot your computer.
base 6:00am06/24/2024directoryPrograms that provide the functionality of classic DOS.
archiver 10:54pm06/23/2024directoryTools to compress files and create archives.
devel 7:00am06/24/2024directoryDevelopment tools such as compilers and assemblers.
drivers 8:00am07/13/2024directoryHardware and other device drivers.
emulator 11:01am11/21/2023directoryPrograms that emulate other systems.
edit 1:57pm02/17/2024directoryEditors and simple word processors that let you edit text files.
apps 12:35pm06/06/2024directoryInteractive programs and applications that are more than just a command-line tool.
cdrom.md533 bytes3:04am07/14/2024plainMD5 checksum for the CD-ROM image.
cdrom.sha65 bytes3:04am07/14/2024plainSHA hash for the CD-ROM image.
fdnpkg.cfg6 KiB3:37am06/05/2024plainFDNPGK configuration file for this repository.
listing.gz13 KiB8:00am07/13/2024x-gzipCompressed version of the listing.txt file.
listing.txt28.7 KiB8:00am07/13/2024plainList of latest package and versions.
listing.csv203.1 KiB8:02am07/13/2024csvSpreadsheet of newest package version metadata.
boot.img1440 KiB1:04pm03/05/2017x-disk-imageBootable floppy for the CD-ROM image.
cdrom.iso946.2 MiB3:04am07/14/2024x-iso9660-imageCD/DVD image of the latest package versions.
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