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TitleBywater BASIC
Date Entered2017-07-10
DescriptionThe Bywater BASIC interpreter
SummaryThe Bywater BASIC Interpreter (bwBASIC) implements a large superset of the ANSI Standard for Minimal BASIC (X3.60-1978) and a significant subset of the ANSI Standard for Full BASIC (X3.113-1987), and many classic BASIC dialects in C. (Using Public Domain CauseWay DOS Extender)
Keywordsbasic, quickbasic, qbasic
AuthorTed A. Campbell, Jon B. Volkoff and Howard Wulf
Maintained byHoward Wulf
Primary siteSourceForge -- bwbasic
Original site
Copying policyGNU General Public License, Version 2
SHA256105c0ebd1a77150ff745901fc7962535d8d218d2dda193f3f93cadcf38f06f97 (741K)
Alternate VersionsView Bywater BASIC - 3.20a, Download (743K)
View Bywater BASIC - 3.20, Download (848K)
View Bywater BASIC - 2.60, Download (312K)