Package group Drivers
cdrcache CD-ROM cache, caches reads for one drive, XMS, 386 or better GNU General Public License, Version 2 2004-05-13a 2016-04-28
doslfn Provides the long filename (LFN) API in plain DOS (without Windows) Freeware w/sources 0.41d 2012-11-21
gcdrom SATA native IDE CD/DVD-ROM driver for DOS (aka "ODD DOS driver") supports all SATA Native IDE controller, such as Intel ICH6/ICH7/ICH8, Jmicron 363/368, Nvidia CK804 MCP55/MCP51 etc. (built from a rebranded XCDROM) GNU General Public License, Version 2 or later 2.4b 2019-11-11
HiRAM Upper Memory (UMB) Extender for 80286, 80386, 80486 CPUs Modified (2-Clause) BSD License 1.9a 2015-08-18
iHPFS Maps a HPFS (OS/2) partition as drive under plain DOS (read-only) GNU General Public License, Version 2 1.29 2016-12-21
lfndos Provides the Windows 95 long filename API to DOS programs. Any DOS program which can use long filenames, for example DOS 7, and all DJGPP programs, can load and save using them with LFNDOS. Designed for Win95 users using DOS-mode, although it works under old DOS versions too. GNU General Public License, Version 2 1.06a 2015-02-18
LPT Driver a tool to control LPT-attached devices manually or on a time basis Simplified (2-Clause) BSD License 0.7a 2013-08-16
ntfs Enables access to ntfs partitions GNU General Public License, Version 2 30Mar2001 (rev A) 2009-02-22
rdisk RDISK is a driver which creates a RAM-disk from up to 2 GB of XMS memory. Free w/sources 2015-03-05d 2020-05-19
shext Share Extender GNU General Public License, Version 2 2.0a 1998-04-15
SHSUCD Suite The SHSUCD suite is a set of programs dealing with the CD-ROM. (Excluding SHSUCDX) Open Source (copyright reserved, free use program) 3-5 2020-04-08
shsufdrv SHSUFDRV is a driver for floppy and hard disk images. SHSURDRV copies the image to RAM and/or creates RAM drives. Freeware / source code available 1.02a 2005-12-22
Spool Spools file printing in the background. This does not require the use of a PRINT command. Public Domain 2.2a 1995-06-28
SRDISK (resizeable RAM disk) Resizeable Ramdisk. Srdisk is fast and able to use over 32 MB of XMS and EMS memory. The size of the disk can be changed without rebooting or loss of content. Diskcopy compatible. GNU General Public License, Version 2 2.09d 2005-07-23
udvd2 CD/DVD UltraDMA device driver Free w/sources 2015-03-05d 2020-05-19
uhdd UHDD is a disk-only caching driver for up to 22 BIOS disks on up to 9 "Legacy" and Native-PCI SATA/IDE controllers. Free w/sources 2019-03-31c 2020-05-19
uide A general-purpose caching driver for DOS drives, Floppy, CD/DVD, SATA and UltraDMA disks Free w/sources 2020-07-07a 2020-07-07
umm UMB enabler, registers hardware UMB memory as available, req. 286+ GNU General Public License, Version 2 0.3 2017-04-02
usbdos Collection of DOS drivers, for UHCI (USB 1.1 12Mbit/1.5mbit) Freeware, see documentation 2010-01-30a 2016-04-28
use!umbs UMB memory provider (enabler) Public Domain 2.0 2017-04-05
xcdrom UDMA and non-UDMA CD-ROM driver for DOS Free no sources 2.2 2006-05-23
xdma UDMA driver for DOS: up to 4 unlimited size hard drives Free without source 3.3 2006-05-23
xkeyb Keyboard driver for international support. Also includes KEYMAN + KLIB + LISTXDEF + SCANKBD GNU General Public License, Version 2 1.15a 2011-07-25
xmgr XMGR is an XMS manager which handles up to 4-GB of RAM and supports V3.70+ UMBPCI Free w/sources 2020-04-15c 2020-05-19