Package group Editors
Biew Biew is a binary/hexadecimal viewer/editor. (requires i686+) GNU General Public License 6.10a 2016-04-28
Blocek A graphical text editor with unicode and pictures formats support GNU General Public License 1.4 2013-07-25
doshexed Hex editor and viewer GNU General Public License, Version 3 1.2g 2013-07-25
DosWorld Text file editor and IDE for MS-DOS and 8086/88 CPU (IBM XT-grade PC) designed in modern style. MIT License prerelease-20201213 2020-12-13
e3 a mini text editor that comes in both a 32 and 16bit version GNU General Public License, Version 2 2.7.1a 2015-05-28
elvis a clone of vi/ex, the standard UNIX editor. Supports nearly all vi/ex commands Clarified Artistic License 2.2a 2013-12-08
fed A folding text editor with color syntax highlighting and more GNU General Public License, Version 2 2.24c 2020-01-16
freemacs an emacs-like editor for DOS (like GNU Emacs) GNU General Public License, Version 1 1.6h 2008-10-19
FTE Text Editor FTE is a text editor geared toward the programmer. Artistic License and GNU General Public License, version 2 0.50.01-cvs 2008-10-16
mbedit - Multi platform editor mbedit is a full screen text editor with macro option, online calculator, command history buffer, hex editor and many other features. GNU General Public License, Version 2 8.64a 2013-02-07
MinEd Text editor with extensive Unicode and CJK support. Convenient and efficient features for editing of plain text documents, programs, HTML etc. User-friendly interface, mouse control and menus. GNU General Public License, Version 3 2015.25a 2017-05-05
msedit Mateusz' Saucy Editor GNU General Public License, Version 2 0.11a 2012-09-22
OSPlus Text Editor a friendly text editor for DOS GNU General Public License, Version 2 2.1.1a 2017-05-05
Pico simple text editor in the style of the Pine Composer GNU General Public License 3.96a 2013-08-17
setedit A programmer's editor for DJGPP, similar to BC++ IDE and RHIDE GNU General Public License, Version 2 0.5.4a 2017-05-04
TDE (Thomson-Davis Editor) TDE is a simple, public domain, multi-file/multi-window binary and text file editor written for IBM PCs and close compatibles running DOS, Win32 (console) Public Domain 5.1w 2007-05-01
uHex uHex is a simple and fast hex editor Simplified (2-clause) BSD License 1.0.4a 2015-08-27
Vi IMproved (vim) improved version of the editor "vi" Source code available (open) 7.3a 2017-05-05