Package group Obsolete Packages
emm386 Provides EMS, XMS, VDS, UMBs, HMA, and VCPI for dos applications Artistic License 2.26 2006-08-25
FASTHELP (was HELP) Display help files GNU General Public License 3.5 2004-02-06
FreeDOS Package Manager Manages installing removing and updating of FreeDOS packages in zip or 7zip format GNU General Public License, Version 2 0.2 2009-11-11
FreeDOS Updater The FreeDOS Updater allows to easily maintain your FreeDOS system up to date. It may be used to install new software, too. GNU General Public License, Version 2 0.54 2008-12-07
FreeDOS v1.1 Installer INSTALL is a textmode user interface for installing FreeDOS packages (compressed/zip). GNU General Public License 4.01 2011-07-10
GPLv2 Document GNU General Public License, Version 2 GNU General Public License, Version 2 2.0 1991-06-01
PrintQ An external print queue manager for the FreeDOS PRINT command. public domain 1997-04-05 1997-04-05
ripcord Gives version information about each program in this distribution Public Domain 1.0 2006-06-20
samcfg Sample configuration files Public domain 20110719a 2011-07-19