Package IA-16 Newlib in group Development
TitleIA-16 Newlib
Date Entered2020-03-21
DescriptionC library and math library, for ia16-elf target
What's NewUpdate to package LSM metadata
Keywordsgcc, compiler, newlib, libc, libm, djgpp, ia16, elf
Maintained byTK Chia
Primary siteGitHub -- tkchia/build-ia16/releases
Original siteGitHub -- tkchia/newlib-ia16
PlatformsDOS, Linux
Copying policyGNU General Public License, version 3 or later
SHA2561369e394bbf5119b11a4fe14300d1ab18a5be8d3067601f48298049cd61cd8a8 (31M)
Alternate VersionsView IA-16 Newlib - 2.4.0-20200215, Download (27M)
View IA-16 Newlib - 2.4.0-20191005, Download (27M)
View IA-16 Newlib - 2.4.0-20190520, Download (24M)
View IA-16 Newlib - 2.4.0-20190407, Download (25M)
View IA-16 Newlib - 2.4.0-20180902, Download (24M)