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Version2022-02-10 alpha
Date Entered2022-02-10
DescriptionSimple pixel editor mostly for creating graphics for the Danger Engine
SummaryA simple pixel editor mostly for creating graphics and fonts for “the Danger Engine” based programs and games. It has limited support for non-native graphics formats like BMP. At present, some options (like image size) can only be set from the command-line. Also, it includes a simple viewer called IMGVIEW. Requires 386+, VGA and MOUSE. (UPX Compressed)
What's NewBug Fixes and XBM export for C Sources.
Keywordsdos, game, images, sprites, igg, igs, bmp, development, dev
AuthorJerome Shidel <jerome _AT_>
Maintained byJerome Shidel <jerome _AT_>
Primary siteCurrent - ImgEdit
Alternate siteGitLab -- DangerApps/imgedit
Copying policyBSD 3-Clause License
SHA2568ab2645bc775dde50ef877aec86985b634c476d29696457aa788c6ea1dfeeb47 (182K)
Alternate VersionsView ImgEdit - 2022-02-09 alpha, Download (183K)
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