Package lDebug in group Development
Versionrelease 3
Date Entered2021-08-15
Descriptionadvanced debugger based on FreeDOS Debug
SummarylDebug is a 86-DOS debugger based on the MS-DOS Debug clone FreeDOS Debug. It features DPMI client support for 32-bit and 16-bit segments, a 686-level assembler and disassembler, an expression evaluator, an InDOS and a bootloaded mode, script file reading, serial port I/O, permanent breakpoints, conditional tracing, buffered tracing, and auto-repetition of some commands.
Keywordsdebug, debugger, DPMI debugger, bootable debugger
AuthorPaul Vojta <>, Andreas "Japheth" Grech <mail -at->
Maintained byC. Masloch <pushbx -AT->
Primary site
Original siteFreeDOS Archive -- dos/debug/old/
PlatformsDOS (crosscompile from Linux with NASM and C compiler)
Copying policyFair License
SHA2569eae172fb02b4f4434bbfcad0a99c3718524a4ede45d5bdb4c04c949bad6940c (7.8M)
Alternate VersionsView lDebug - release 2, Download (7.3M)
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