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TitleProgram Manager Eternity
Date Entered2022-08-21
DescriptionA fully customizable multi-menu application launcher for DOS. It also includes Font Designer and several other utilities. (Requires Mouse)
What's NewImproved mouse handler compatibility with various other non-CTMouse drivers.
Keywordsdos launch pgm pgme efntdsgn menu kiosk 16 bit
AuthorJerome Shidel <jerome _AT_>
Maintained byJerome Shidel <jerome _AT_>
Primary siteSourceForge -- pgme
Original siteLOD.BZ -- PGME
Copying policyGNU General Public License, Version 2
SHA25679e088da0f307a4b02c2eac53724740f70cb83d1b654da76fd414fc2042ae453 (885K)
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