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Date Entered2002-09-03
DescriptionDisplays the folder structure of a drive or path
SummaryGraphically displays the folder structure of a drive or path. Support for message catalogs (different languages) using cats, and can be compiled for both Windows NT/9x and DOS.
Keywordstree, FreeDOS, DOS, Win32
AuthorDave Dunfield <>
Maintained byKenneth J. Davis <>
Primary siteGitHub -- FDOS/tree
WikiFreeDOS Wiki -- Tree
PlatformsDOS (TC2, TC++1, TC30, BC31, BC45, MicroC v3*, Pacific C*, Digital Mars), Win32 (VC5*, BC45, BCC55, Digital Mars) * MicroC and Pacific C do not support Cats, VC5 requires minor Cats change.
Copying policyGNU General Public License, Version 2 (using public domain findfile by Jeremy Davis and optional use of LGPL catgets by Jim Hall)
GroupFreeDOS Base
SHA256418c8700c9ab0ed79e0eed094140e7e4b08fd281bcca60a2b0cec3c90d1e83d3 (75K)
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