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TitleUptime (Chamorro)
Date Entered2017-08-13
DescriptionReports uptime, even inside DOSEmu. Similar to UNIX "uptime".
SummaryUPTIME is a 16 bit DOS utility that displays the system uptime by automatically detecting when it was first booted. It replicates *NIX uptime, one of the basic UNIX commands which allows you to quickly confirm how long your system has been up and running since it was last rebooted or powered on.
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AuthorJavier Gutierrez Chamorro
Maintained byJavier Gutierrez Chamorro
Primary site
Alternate siteSourceForge -- nikkhokkho/files/UPTIME
PlatformsDOS, FreeDOS
Copying policyGNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3
SHA256417567b532bf2beceff6c643902f34d0dab8359d5a53630ea88bfc4d8aa65e83 (12K)
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