Package Yet Another PC Bridge in group Networking
TitleYet Another PC Bridge
Date Entered2017-04-20
Descriptionlayer 2 bridge for packet drivers (turns a PC into a switch)
SummaryThis bridge belongs to the class of Self Learning Transparent bridges. You can use any Ethernet cards (or a mix of cards from different vendors) for this bridge. All you need to have is the appropriate packet drivers for these cards. Packet drivers for most of the ethernet cards are in public domain and can be obtained from This bridge can be set up using a PC or AT (hard disk is not necessary, a floppy drive is sufficient) running MSDOS ver 3.0 or higher. This is not a spanning tree bridge and hence cannot detect loops in network paths.
AuthorIndian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Copying policyGNU General Public License, Version 1
SHA256cbe11727c3edc9251dccb52e09dd170f5a8d3079d93ce5f94d1fe7a2e2dfc005 (55K)