INT 15 - SYSTEM - ENABLE/DISABLE PROCESSOR FUNCTIONS                            
	AH = C8h
	AL = function
	    00h disable L1 cache
	    01h enable L1 cache
	    ---models 90 and 95 only---
	    02h disable L2 cache
	    03h enable L2 cache
	    04h disable both caches
	    05h enable both caches
	    06h return status of both caches
	    07h-FFh Reserved
Return: CF set on error
	CF clear if successful
	AH = status (see #00527)
	For subfunction 06h only:
	    BL = status of L1 cache
		00h enabled
		01h disabled or not installed
		02h disabled due to test error (can not be enabled)
	    BH = status of L2 cache (same codes as BL)
Notes:	 supported by at least PS/2IBM PS/2, any model 70, 70/486, 80-A21, 90, 95
	call AH=C0h and examine bit 3 of feature byte 2 to check if this
	  function is supported.
	on a 486 system, any external caches must be disabled when the
	  on-chip cache (L1) is disabled.
SeeAlso: AH=C0h

(Table 00527)
Values for status:
 00h	operation successful
 01h	function choice (in AL) is invalid
 02h	NVRAMsee Non-Volatile RAM data is invalid
 03h	cache test error
 04h	(90 and 95 only) cannot perform operation requested due to state of
	  other cache (also see note above)
 05h	no L2 cache is present
 07h	invalid input values
 09h	CPU(Central Processing Unit) The microprocessor which executes programs on your computer. in protected mode