The LazyBoy Library Manual - The Index
AddExitProcInsert an additional shutdown process.
ByteToBinConvert a byte to a binary ASCIIZ string.
ByteToHexConvert a byte to a hexadecimal ASCIIZ string.
ByteToSIntConvert a byte to a signed integer ASCIIZ string.
ByteToSIntConvert a byte to a unsigned integer ASCIIZ string.
ClrEolClear the line to the end of the window.
ClrScrClear the window.
CmdLineOptionCommand line parser option table entry.
CmdLineParserCommand line parameter string parser.
CRT_BIOS_TIMEREnable INT 0x15 based timer.
CRT_GetCharAttrFetch character and attribute from CRT (mostly internal).
CRT_PutCharPut character on CRT (mostly internal).
CRT_PutCharAttrPut character and attribute on CRT (mostly internal).
CRT_PutStringPut string on CRT (mostly internal).
CRT_WriteCharWrite character to CRT (mostly internal).
CRT_WriteStringWrite string to CRT (mostly internal).
CursorAdjustSynchronize the CRT with the visible cursor.
CursorFullChange the cursor shape to the size of the font.
CursorHalfChange cursor shape to half the font size.
CursorHideMake the cursor Invisible.
CursorInvisibleText if the cursor is not visible.
CursorNormalChange sursor shape to that of startup.
CursorShowMake cursor visible.
CursorSmallChange cursor shape to small.
CursorUpdateSynchronize visible cursor with CRT.
CursorVisibleTest if cursor is visible.
DEBUGEnable debugging code generation.
DebugFlagsOutput the current flag states for debugging.
DebugInfoOutput the current information for debugging.
DebugMsgOutput a message for debugging.
DebugRegistersOutput the current register states for debugging.
DebugStackOutput the values on stack for debugging.
DebugWriteOutput information for debugging.
DebugWriteLnOutput information and start a new line for debugging.
DelayWait for some approximate number of milliseconds.
DelCharDelete the current character on the line.
DelColumnDelete the current column in the window.
DelLineRemove the current line in the window.
DOS_AllocAllocate a DOS memory block.
DOS_ReleaseRelease a DOS memory block.
DOS_ResizeResize a DOS memory block.
DWordToBinConvert a dword to a binary ASCIIZ string.
DWordToHexConvert a dword to a hexadecimal ASCIIZ string.
DWordToSIntConvert a dword to a unsigned integer ASCIIZ string.
DWordToUIntConvert a dword to a unsigned integer ASCIIZ string.
EXIT_CHAINTermination exit process shutdown chain.
EXIT_CODETermination error code.
FilePosReturn the position within a file.
FileSeekChange position within a file.
FileSizeReturn the size of a file.
FlattenPtrReduce the offset of a pointer.
FULL_CPU_MIMICEnable assembly extension full CPU emulation.
GetBootDriveGet the system boot drive.
GetCmdLineGet command line parameter string.
GetEnvKeyFind a string in the envionment veriable table.
GetEnvSegReturn the segment of the environment table.
GetEnvTableReturn a pointer to the environmnet table.
GetEnvValLook up a Key in the enviromnet table and return the value.
GetExecNameGet the excutable's file name.
GetExtendedBreakGet the state of extended break checking.
GetLimitXYGet the maximum XY coordinates within the window.
GetSwitchCharFetch the command line switch character.
GetSysDateGet the current date.
GetSysTimeGet the current time.
GetTextAttrReturn the current text color attributes.
GetTextModeReturn the current video mode.
GetWhereXYGet the cursor's position.
GetWindMaxGet the bottom-right screen cooridnates of the window.
GetWindMinGet the top-left screen coordinates of the window.
GotoXYMove the cursor to a new position.
IdleReduce power consumption and perform background tasks.
IDLE_HOOKIdle macro background processing hook.
InsCharInsert a blank Space on the current line.
InsColumnInsert a blank Column in the window.
InsLineInsert a blank line in the window.
IntToPtrConvert a 32-bit integer value to a pointer.
IO_ERRORFile and general I/O error results.
KeyFlushClear any pending keystrokes from the buffer.
KeyNotPressedTest if a keystroke is not waiting.
KeyPressedTest if a keystroke is waiting.
KeyPreviewPreview next keystroke without reading it.
KeyReadRead the next keystroke.
KeyShiftStateRead the current keybord shift modifier states.
KeyWaitWait for a keypress.
LAZY_CODEFullfil macro code and data requirements.
LAZY_INITInitialize the library when postponed.
MemAvailGet the size of largest free block in the HEAP.
MemErrorSet a callback function for HEAP error handling.
MemFreeRelease memory in the HEAP.
MemHeapCreate a managed memory heap in lower memory.
MemNewAllocate memory in the HEAP.
MemSizeGet the amount of memory reserved for the HEAP.
MemUsedGet total amount of free space in the HEAP.
MemUsedGet total size of used space in the HEAP.
MouseAvailableTest if there is a Mouse present.
MouseEventTest if a Mouse event is pending.
MouseHideMake the Mouse cursor invisible.
MouseInvisibleTest if Mouse is not visible.
MouseOverflowTest if Mouse event buffer overflowed.
MousePreviewTest the next Mouse event or curent state.
MouseReadGet the next Mouse event or current state.
MouseShowMake the mouse cursor visible.
MouseUnavailableTest if no mouse is present.
MouseVisibleTest if mouse is visible.
NoSoundSilence the PC Speaker.
NO_BIOS_VIDEODisable BIOS video support.
NO_CRTDisable CRT support.
NO_DIRECT_VIDEODisable Direct video support.
NO_DOS_CHECKDisable DOS 5+ requirement.
NO_INITIALIZEPostpone library initialization.
NO_MEM_CHECKDisable 64k memory requirement.
NO_MICEDisable Mouse support.
NO_OPTIONAL_CLDExclude internal cld instructions.
OWordToBinConvert a oword to a binary ASCIIZ string.
OWordToHexConvert a oword to a hexadecimal ASCIIZ string.
OWordToSIntConvert a oword to a signed integer ASCIIZ string.
OWordToUIntConvert a oword to a unsigned integer ASCIIZ string.
PtrToIntConvert a pointer to a 32-bit integer value.
QWordToBinConvert a qword to a binary ASCIIZ string.
QWordToHexConvert a qword to a hexadecimal ASCIIZ string.
QWordToSIntConvert a qword to a signed integer ASCIIZ string.
QWordToUIntConvert a qword to a unsigned integer ASCIIZ string.
RandomGenerate a sort-of random number.
Register PairWhat is a register pair?
RequireTextModeTerminate program if not in text mode.
ResetModeChange back to the same video mode present at startup.
ScrollShift the entire CRT window some direction.
SetExtendedBreakSet the state of extended break checking.
SetSwitchCharChange the command line switch character.
SoundGenerate sund using the PC Speaker.
StackCheckAdditional stack overflow checking.
STACK_SIZEOverride default stack size.
StrByteLookupLookup string in a byte indexed table.
StrByteTableByte indexed string table entry.
StrFuncParserString table callback function dispatch parser.
StrFuncTableString parser function dispatch table entry.
StrKeyLook up a string in a list ASCIIZ strings.
StrLenReturn the length of an ASCIIZ string.
StrNextMove pointer to the next ASCIIZ string in a list of ASCIIZ strings.
StrToByteConvert a string to a 8-bit byte.
StrToDWordConvert a string to a 32-bit dword.
StrToOWordConvert a string to a 128-bit oword.
StrToQWordConvert a string to a 64-bit qword.
StrToTWordConvert a string to a 80-bit tword.
StrToWordConvert a string to a 16-bit word.
StrToYWordConvert a string to a 256-bit yword.
StrToZWordConvert a string to a 512-bit zword.
StrValLook up a Key in a list of ASCIIZ strings and return the value.
StrWordLookupLookup string in a word indexed table.
StrWordRLookupLookup the index of a string in a word indexed table.
StrWordTableWord indexed string table entry.
TerminateExit program to DOS.
TextAttrChange both foreground and background text attribute colors.
TextBackgroundChange the background portion of text color attribute.
TextColorChange the foreground portion of the text color attribute.
TextModeChange the video mode.
TWordToBinConvert a tword to a binary ASCIIZ string.
TWordToHexConvert a tword to a hexadecimal ASCIIZ string.
TWordToSIntConvert a tword to a signed integer ASCIIZ string.
TWordToUIntConvert a tword to a unsigned integer ASCIIZ string.
usecpuChange the targeted CPU.
WindowSet the bounds for CRT text display and manipulation macros.
WindowLoadLoad window contents from memory.
WindowSaveSave contents of current window.
WindowSizeGet byte size required to save the window contents.
WordToBinConvert a word to a binary ASCIIZ string.
WordToHexConvert a word to a hexadecimal ASCIIZ string.
WordToSIntConvert a word to a signed integer ASCIIZ string.
WordToUIntConvert a word to a unsigned integer ASCIIZ string.
WriteSend text or numbers to the text output device.
WriteAssignChange the Text Writer output device.
WriteLnJust like Write with an automatic CR & LF at the end.
YWordToBinConvert a yword to a binary ASCIIZ string.
YWordToHexConvert a yword to a hexadecimal ASCIIZ string.
YWordToSIntConvert a yword to a signed integer ASCIIZ string.
YWordToUIntConvert a yword to a unsigned integer ASCIIZ string.
ZWordToBinConvert a zword to a binary ASCIIZ string.
ZWordToHexConvert a zword to a hexadecimal ASCIIZ string.
ZWordToSIntConvert a zword to a signed integer ASCIIZ string.
ZWordToUIntConvert a zword to a unsigned integer ASCIIZ string.