RBIL61 - HTML Edition

Welcome to the HTML Edition (r295) of the famous "Ralf Brown's Interrupt List". Although the most recent release of the Interrupt List is now more than 20 years old, the fundamentals of DOS development haven't changed that much. Ralf's List remains one of the foremost resources for low level DOS programming. You can still download the original Interrupt List release files directly from the files section of Ralf's website (http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~ralf/).

Primary sections and lists:

Character Tables
CMOS-Memory Map
Far Call Interface List
I2C(also IIC; the "2" is superscripted) Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus -- A moderate-speed serial communications bus originally invented by Philips in the early 1980s for consumer-electronics applications, such as inter-chip communication in a television set or high-end stereo. The I2C bus has recently appeared on PCs in video capture boards and similar devices, as well as (surprisingly) SDRAM DIMMs (for the on-board serial EEPROM). The ACCESS.bus is a derivative of the I2C bus which forms the physical layer of the Universal Serial Bus. Similary, the SMBus (System Management Bus) also uses I2C as its physical layer. Bus Devices
Interrupt List
Memory Map
Model-specific Registers
Opcodes List
Ports List

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Additional files and information:

86 Bugs List
Contact Information
Frequently Asked Questions
Glossary Terms
Revision History
Interrupt Primer
Volunteers Needed
Title Notes
Ralf Brown Programs
System-management mode
Selected Tables

The conversion to "HTML format" (with some minor additions and corrections) was performed by RBILtoHTML (version It's source is available to download from GitLab (http://gitlab.com/DOSx86/rbil2html). The additional material is (Copyright © 2020-2022 Jerome Shidel) and redistribution terms are the same as those covering the Interrupt List on the Copyright page.